Best Hair Dryer / Best Blow Dryer 2014

Best Hair Dryer 2014 – Best Blow Dryer – Best Hair Dryers – Best Blow Dryers for Fine Hair / Curly Hair & Reviews

* Top Hair Dryers for 2014… 

best hair dryer 2014 best blow dryer t3 featherweight hair dryer luxe 2

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best hair dryer 2014 blow dryer super solano 3700 moda hair dryer

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best hair dryer blow dryer 2014 elchim 3900 ionic hair dryer

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Best Hair Dryer – Buying Guide

Here’s what to look for in when buying a high quality hair dryer:

  • Ionic Technology – kills the frizz in your hair without killing your hair. It dries hair faster (about 50% faster), makes hair shiny and smooth and preserves the natural oils in your hair.
  • Ceramic  – distributes heat evenly and causes less damage to hair
  • Tourmaline – helps the ionic technology – for a BOOST and extra frizz free shine!
  • 1800 Watts – (at least) – the hotter it is, the faster it dries. Fast drying means less constant heat on your hair, which is what you want. We recommend 1825 Watts for frizzy, curly hair (a MUST)
  • Professional Grade – if you want Professional Results (Salon style) you want Professional Quality
  • No Drugstore Brands – Truth: No drugstore has been able to replicate what a Professional Hair Dryer can do, period. So while you may have to pay more upfront, you’ll be SO much happier with the results every time ;)

Best Hair Dryer/ Blow Dryer 2014

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