How to Dye Your Hair @ Home

How to Dye your Hair at Home in 4 easy steps… 

Step 1: Use a High Quality Hair Dye

how to dye hair at home best hair dye

Clairol Hair Dye Medium Brown

You want to make sure you’re using a reputable hair dye that won’t wash out right away or worse – make your hair turn a funky color (no!).

Step 2: Choose a Compatible Hair Color

how to dye your hair at home

The color on the box will not look the same when you put it on your hair. You want a color that will offset the color you currently have. If you have dark hair, choose a color with ash in it to kill any brassiness and to prevent your hair from turning red or orange. Also, never use dark brown or black. (It tends to look too harsh and it’s impossible to lighten later).

Step 3: Use a Nylon Cape

how to dye hair at home salon capeHairstyling Nylon Cape, Black

Dye stains on clothing are permanent and do not come out. Nylon capes are great since the dye doesn’t seep thru it. Not to mention, you can throw it in the wash and stains wash right off.

Step 4: Apply Hair Dye Properly

Work the ends first, roots second. Otherwise your roots will end up lighter than your ends.

Stay Beautiful…

Love, Jewels.

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