How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer & Faster

Here to Make your Hair Grow Longer & Faster

Here are 4 quick tips to make your hair grow faster …

#1. Don’t overwash hair

Washing your hair every day washes out the good oils in your scalp which keeps hair follicles strong and healthy. Skip 2 days in between washes  (any more and the scalp starts to stink… eek)

#2. Use a hair dryer instead of a flat iron

While flat irons do wonders for straightening hair, they also destroy the hair. The direct heat on the hair slowly burns the hair, makes it fragile and weak and eventually causes it to break. (No!) Whenever possible, use a hair dryer instead of a flat iron and keep it as far away from your scalp as possible. (See Best Hair Dryers)

#3. Use Natural Hair Oils

Hair oils like coconut oil and castor oil are known to do wonders for growing hair. Apply oil on scalp, massage it into the roots of your hair, then rinse and wash hair as normal.

#4. Load up on proteins

Proteins help strengthen everything in your body – your muscles, your brain, your skin and yes… your hair, too! Some foods high in protein: beans, chicken, turkey, egg whites, milk. Also try a low cholesterol whey protein isolate like this one.

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